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1 A Comparison Between UNIMARC and USMARC: a Perspective for Application in South Africa
2 A general look at the Madrasas in Ottoman Empire in terms of teaching methods, assessment, evaluating and expertising in teaching
3 A New Model of XML Citation Database Using XQuery as Search Language
4 A Project about Accessibility to the Web Resources in Libraries: an Occasion to Talk about Accessibility
5 A Review of WWW Authenticity Assessment Methods
6 A strategic approach to financial options
7 A view of marshall mcluhan's philosophy vis-a-vis the riches and risks of the cellular telephone and the family
8 A- і D-гіповітамінози у телят (поширення, діагностика, лікування і профілактика)
9 Accounting for advertising costs - differences and similarities between the US GAAP, IAS / IFRS and the German commercial code
10 Adaptive digital library support for creation and exploitation of the next generation of Ukrainian mono- and multilingual dictionary resources
11 Ali sir nevai de turkcecilik suuru
12 An appearance of nicotinic dependence among gymnasia pupil of youth (on an example of natural examinations)
13 Anisotropy of Laser-Induced Bulk Damage of Single Crystals
14 Apologetics and critics. Discussions about creative works of Genrikh Semiradsky.
15 Archiving of Serials Literature for the Use of Future Scholars
16 Ars nova: вимір та раціоналізація музичного часопростору
17 Art as a Symbolic Form of Culture
18 Assessment of behavior disintegration and attitude to the task in the situation difficult for fighting pilots against the comparative groups
19 Assessment of exercise capacity in patients post myocardial infarction treated with coronary artery bypass procedure - a 5 year follow-up
20 Attitude towards E-Publications: a Study of Information Seeking Behaviour of Scientists and Researchers at CSIR Establishments
21 Automatic system of landscape and geophysical data collection
22 Automation of Polish Academic Libraries Using VTLS Software

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